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Dog Portraits


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My work brings out the personality of the dog that I’m painting as well as the love shared between pet and owner. They reflect a kind of dog-essence - simple and joyful.

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About the artist

My name is Sam Smith and I’ve spent my life drawing and painting. As I mature, it is becoming ever clearer that the best thing to paint is the thing you love. Dogs have always occupied a special place in my heart - their unchanging offering of friendship and love is something worthy of celebrating in painting. 

Being asked to paint a portrait of an animal is to be invited into something intimate and meaningful. People look at their dogs and see a loving companion looking back, and my paintings are an expression of that bond; my work reflects a kind of dog-essence - simple and joyful.

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So grateful thank you - it's really lovely. We all agree it's completely wonderful - thanks Sam !

Tracy P

Sunny and Beatrice

We love this painting of Sunny so much. You captured the beauty of his eyes just perfect. Thank you Sam. This art gets a place of honour. 

Sunny & Beatrice 

Suki testimonial.jpg

I could not love it more. It must be quite realistic bc Suki growled at it when I showed her!

Melissa N

Fran K.png

The way you've drawn Ruby with the different browns and the colour of the cushion is perfect ... I can't stop looking at it! I love it ... thank you soooo much xxx

Fran K


Thank you Sam! It's perfect

Nicki S


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