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Choosing A Photo

It's important to choose the right photo since I will only get to know the dog(s) through images you send me.


Please read the following so we can work together for the best result...

The most successful portraits are done from photos that express how the dog(s) really are.  Although one of the advantages of painting is that reality can be tweaked, I think that the most natural photos are the best and idealising reality is rarely a good move! 

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Photos of the dog(s) looking straight at the camera / making eye-contact with the viewer create engaging portraits

  • Photos taken in natural daylight or bright lighting are best - photos that are too dark won't give me a chance - I can't paint what I can't see!

  • Similarly - I am unable to work from blurred photos

  • I paint what I see, so will include any collar / outfit / accessories that are in the photo 


If you have a specific idea for a painting that doesn't seem to fit these guidelines, let me know - I am flexible and will work with you to deliver the best portrait I can.

Don't worry, I will never paint an order if the image you upload won't give a good result. I will always contact you and work with you to find an image that will work.

Any questions, don't hesitate to contact me

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